The Pain Management Center of South Texas

In most cases, the patient is referred by the Primary Care Physician. Dr. Avila is a participating provider in most insurance plans; HMO’s, PPO’s, Medicare, Medicaid, and Worker’s Comp.

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The Pain Management Centers of South Texas
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Indications For Pain Management

Patients should be referred to The Pain Management Centers of South Texas when the chief complaint is pain
(chronic or acute).

A wide variety of pain syndromes are treated including but not limited to:

Low Back Pain Herpes Zoster/ Postherpetic (Shingles)
Lumbar and Cervical Radiculopathy Neuralgia
Post Laminectomy Syndrome (failed back) Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Ischemic Limb Pain Diabetic Neuropathy
Cervicognic Headache Cancer Pain

When pain is the chief complaint and does not resolve with medical or surgical treatment, Pain Management is indicated. Chronic pain can occur if the pain lasts six months or more. If not treated effectively, chronic pain can cause physical disability, social isolation, economic hardship, and severe emotional distress


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